Sign the #OneWater pledge

Sign the #OneWater pledge

Sign the #OneWaterPledge

By signing the #OneWaterPledge, individuals commit to take immediate, measurable action to increase their water knowledge, learn how to ensure all members of their community have access to drinking water and sanitation — and to share their commitments and progress with the US Water Alliance.

I pledge to participate in one or more of these One Water actions and share my progress by World Water Day on March 22, 2023.

• Start with the water that goes into your body! Where does your local drinking water come from? Who makes sure your drinking water is clean?

• Learn what happens to water when it leaves your body! Where does it go? Who manages this water?

• Learn about the climate issues that impact your area, and how those conditions affect water access and safety. What happens when there are droughts? What happens when you have floods?

• Read about the pillars of water equity and learn about how your community and neighboring communities may experience a lack of equity in water services. Which pillars are most pressing in your community? Who is working to remove these inequities and how can you help?

• Reflect on your relationship with water and share your water story.