Past Highlights

Past Highlights

Past Highlights

Highlights from 2020

On October 21, 2020, the Value of Water Campaign hosted our sixth annual Imagine a Day Without Water. Check out the Value of Water Campaign’s Imagine a Day Without Water Summary Memo and highlights scroller below.


Additional highlights from Imagine a Day Without Water 2020:

  • Benny Starr, US Water Alliance Artist in Residence, released this video showcasing songs from A Water Album and highlighting the importance of an inclusive water future.
  • Members of the US Water Alliance’s Smaller Cities and Towns cohort participate in this video project sharing what they’d like their communities to know about water management and systems.
  • Water utilities showcased their essential work, including KC Water who partnered with Seattle Public Utilities, DC Water, Cleveland Water, San Antonio Water System, Atlanta Watershed, and Denver Water to produce this video celebrating the importance of water. 
  • Across the county, public officials issued proclamations declaring October 21 a day to value water, including Governor of Oregon and the Governor of Hawaii.  
  • On Twitter, over 700 accounts contributed to the conversation through tweets and retweets, reaching an estimated audience of 24 million accounts.

2020 National Forum

On October 21st at 12:00PM ET/9:00AM PT, the Value of Water Campaign held a National Forum to commemorate the sixth annual Imagine A Day Without Water. As water leaders across the country call for greater investment in our critical water systems, the National Forum showcased innovative policies and investments to ensure safe, affordable, and sustainable water service for all. Watch the video below!