Resolution Template

Recognizing the “Imagine a Day Without Water” campaign being held October 10, 2018 which is an organized effort to highlight the critical importance of reliable access to clean water in our lives and the investment in infrastructure that is necessary to protect this valuable resource.


Whereas, the infrastructure that brings water to and from homes and businesses is essential to the quality of life and economic vitality of [the City of XXX]; and


Whereas, [XXX] residents on average utilize [XX] gallons of water per person, per day; and


Whereas, [XXX community] has (insert information on local system: population served, miles of water mains, age of system, waste treatment, etc.); and


Whereas, water crises across the country, ranging from contaminated water, to drought, to flooding, show the severe impacts of what can happen to the public health and well-being of a community without access to clean drinking water; and


Whereas, droughts and flooding and other weather-related challenges put pressure on water systems that are ill-equipped and ill-prepared to manage such extreme events; and


Whereas, utilities nationwide are grappling with aging infrastructure and lack reliable revenue and funding to maintain systems let alone upgrade their systems; and


Whereas, one-fifth of the U.S. economy would grind to a halt without a reliable and clean source of water; and


Whereas, managing water responsibly is critical to our nation’s public and environmental health and to a high quality of life through economic commerce, power generation, and recreation; and


Whereas, investing in our drinking water and wastewater systems will secure a bright and prosperous future for generations to come; and


Whereas, innovation in water conservation and water reuse will drive job growth, economic development, and establish a 21st century paradigm of water management in the United States; and


Whereas, decentralized stormwater infrastructure will not only ease the burden on our sewers but will provide a maximum return in benefits to the public, the economy, and the environment; and


Whereas, for each job created in the water sector, another 3.68 jobs are added in the national economy. And for every $1 spent on infrastructure improvements, the US generates $6 in returns; and


Whereas, different regions face different water challenges, so the solutions to strengthen our drinking water and wastewater systems must be locally driven, but reinvestment in our water must be a national priority; now; therefore, be it


RESOLVED, BY [XXX], that [the Organization] recognizes that water is essential to the quality of life and economic competitiveness and acknowledges the importance of educating the public about the value of water through the “Imagine a Day Without Water” campaign.


FURTHER RESOLVED, that [the Organization] is dedicated to investing in safe and reliable water and wastewater infrastructure and calls on our federal partners to bring much-needed funding and innovation to protect and restore our critical water infrastructure.