11 Ways to Participate

  1. Host a tour or an open house. Invite elected leaders, stakeholders, the business community and/or press to an open house or tour of a water or wastewater facility. The more visual the tour, the better. Broadcast journalists especially love giving viewers a peak and something they’ve never seen before. Examples of who to invite could include:


  • Local television, radio, newspaper or digital outlets

  • The mayor, city or county council members

  • The city or regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Regional engineer or contractors groups


  1. Issue a press release. After your tour, issue a press release explaining “Imagine A Day Without Water” and be sure to make photos available.


  1. Work on a Proclamation or Resolution. Ask your mayor, city council, county council, U.S. representative, senator, regulator, state legislator or governor for a proclamation or resolution on “Imagine A Day Without Water.” 


  1. Write an op-ed. Write an op-ed for your local paper or business journal. Be sure to check with the paper about word limit and lead time for submission before you start writing. Consider co-authoring with interesting or unexpected names on the byline—perhaps a representative from a local business that is water reliant, like a regional craft brewery, restaurant, or manufacturing company.


  1. Participate on social media. We've designed some great graphics that are perfect for sharing on Twitter and Facebook. We're also arranging a huge thunderclap so all partners share the same message across social media channels simultaneously. Sign up here. For all your tweets and posts, use the hashtag #ValueWater and ask your audiences if they can imagine a day without brushing their teeth, giving their pet a bowl of water, making coffee, doing laundry, or any of the hundreds of things we need water to do for us every day. 


  1. Create your own video or photo library. Share your photos or video on social media, on your website, and in email communications with the public about how impossible life would be if you had to go even a day without water.


  1. Use “What’s the Value of Water?” toolkit. The Value of Water Coalition has produced a series of communication tools and creative materials, including print ads, bill stuffers, bus ads, and billboards to spread #ValueWater the message to the public. The toolkit materials are available here.


  1. Schedule an editorial board visit. Visit your newspaper’s editorial board and have a sit down meeting to discuss the state of water infrastructure in your region, address some of your biggest challenges, and clear up any misconceptions about water use and service in your area. If several water agencies serve the population of one newspaper, schedule a joint meeting to show a united front. An editorial board can be a powerful ally to have on your side.


  1. Engage the next generation of customers and steward. Involve future customers in the effort by sharing educational materials for a school or by arranging a field trip for students to come tour a facility. After your tour, issue a press release explaining “Imagine A Day Without Water” and be sure to make photos available. 


  1. Take to the radio waves. Arrange an interview with a local talk news radio program. Commercial talk radio and public radio often have local mid-day shows that feature local guests, while national shows are typically syndicated during morning and afternoon drive times. Not sure what to say in an interview? Use our message guide, available here.


  1. Release a paper or report. Do you have interesting local data or statistics to share? Consider releasing a paper or report about some of the great work you’re doing, and tie it in to “Imagine A Day Without Water.” Interesting topics could include your “ripple” effect on regional economic development, environmental improvements or energy reductions, or how you are delivering value for customers.


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