2018 Highlights

On October 10, 2018, more than 1,100 organizations came together for Imagine a Day Without Water, the fourth annual day of action hosted by the Value of Water Campaign.

The Imagine a Day Without Water message was shared by our 1,100 participating organizations through strategic channels, including television, radio, local events, social media, and digital content creation. Here are some highlights from Imagine A Day Without Water 2018:



More organizations participated in Imagine a Day Without Water than ever before, and there was more diversity in our participants than any year before. Beauty queens, scout troops, science and health museums, breweries, and retailers joined with water utilities, city halls, schools, car washes and aquariums to spread the word that a day without safe, reliable water service is a crisis. Internationally, organizations from Kenya, India, Jordan, Canada, and even groups focused on Antarctica joined the movement. Across the country, there were events in communities and engagement online, reaching millions of Americans, in the name of valuing water.